This page is a documentation of all Crystal Chronicles merchandise I could find. This page does not include merchandise for the other games in this sub-series and I have no current plans to document anything for those games. Currently not included on this page is any Western promotional merchandise (though I plan to add those at some point in the future)

This page is likely incomplete, if you see any merch out in the wild that's not listed here, please contact me.

--[5/4/2024] Page contents are being reworked (working on providing better merchandise images for items I do own), for now I have text descriptions of items I've found listed below.

Square Enix Cafe Goods

--Postcard Set (Set of 8)

--Drink Coasters (12 Variants)

--YuraYura/Swinging Keychains (20 variants)

--Luncheon Mats (6 Variants)

--Can Badge/Pins (Set of 5)

--Jacquard Hand Towels (3 Variants)

--Moogle Mug

--Moogle Patterned Clear Pouch

--Die Cut Moogle Memo Pad

Crystal Chronicles Remastered Preorder Goods

--Amazon Preorder Postcard Set (Set of 5)

--Square Enix e-Store Crystal Chronicles Remaster OST A4 Poster

--Store Order Bonus A5 Posters (4 Variants)

--Square Enix e-Store Piano Collections Memo Pad + Bonus MP3 file(s)

Event-limited Goods

--Tokyo Game Show 2019 Postcards (3 variants found so far)

--Dengeki Magazine Lottery-only Crystal White Gamecube

--Stained Glass Moogle Keychain (source needed)

--Moogle Mascot Keychain (source needed)

--Kawaii Nuigurumi Moogle Plush (4 variants, 15cm plush. Source needed)

--Nuigurumi Moogle Plush (4 variants, 20cm plush. Source needed)

--Choudai Nuigurumi Moogle Plush (4 variants, 30cm plush. Source needed)

Miscellaneous Goods

--Final Fantasy Creatures Archive -Chromium- Giant Crab Trading Figure (3 Variants)

--HORI Crystal Chronicles Memory Card

--Crystal Chronicles Remastered OST Deka Jacket (source needed, Amazon and/or Rakuten JP preorder bonus???)

--Crystal Chronicles Remastered Clear File (source needed)

--Moogle Patterned Pass Case (source needed)

--2003 Postcard Set (source needed)

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