Welcome to my homepage :)

About Me

I'm Sissel, a Twitter and tumblr refugee. Due to Circumstances™ with Twitter (now known as 'X'???) and tumblr, I got sick of social media being rapidly enshittified by rich, out of touch, white man CEOs and looked into what my options of getting away from these websites were; thus the move to Neocities was decided. In the distant future, I plan to purchase a domain and mayhaps self-host; but that's a long time off from now.

My general idea with building this website is to blab into the void about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and my journey of collecting/documenting every bit of merch I can find and afford. This game has been living in my brain rent free since February 2024 because a friend of mine wanted to play through it for the first time and I thought "Well, why not build a website around it and try to obtain every bit of merchandise as I can find and afford?" While this site mainly revolves around Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, I do have other hobbies and interests; those will have their own subpages.

Site Notice

This site is not mobile friendly. Media query has been a headache for me, getting it to work for 4 different display resolutions has been a nightmare on my end. I have zero intention of supporting mobile devices with how many different phone screen resolutions there are, I just can not be bothered and do not care at this point.

Major Site Updates

--[May 4th, 2024] Updated/downgraded the Merch section, took down all images until I can finish scanning and editing merch thumbnails (my personal life has been hectic lately hence things not getting done/the website being untouched for a few weeks).

--[April 12th, 2024] Updated the Merch section (though it's still heavily incomplete, still need to get through editing images and scanning/taking photos of unscannable things)

--[April 2nd, 2024] Updated CSS code, tables are less wonky (...I think). Updated the Blog section (and also added an actual blogpost, but that's more of a minor update)

--[March 31st, 2024] Started working on the Merch section offline, added more found media to the Library. Tidied up site code and CSS sheet a bit, some changes appear to have broken the Neocities preview; not much I can do about that right now.

--[March 24th, 2024] Pushed new code for the Library, books and other media are now nicely and properly set up in tables. To do: need to clean up the 1280px and 1336px media queries, they're messy (but function)

--[March 23rd, 2024] Pushed some desktop-based media query code for testing (trying to make the Neocities preview work properly, sorry to anyone getting assailed by update notifications! ;_;)

--[March 22nd, 2024] The Library has finally been built. To do: individual webpages for each item. Dumped mobile media query.

--[March 17th, 2024] Suffered through getting media query to work with 1080p and 1440p viewports.

--[March 16th, 2024] Updated the Blog section, made a test entry. Working on putting together content. Also finally added the second sidebar background image.

--[March 10th, 2024] Went live with more offline code edits and additions. Also coded the sidebar, finally.

--[March 7th - March 8th, 2024] Went live with major offline code overhaul & additions.

--[February 23rd - March 6th, 2024] Various directories created and modified, or otherwise deleted.

--[February 22nd, 2024] Website creation :o

~Site To Do List~

-Modify and add assets

-Figure out the font situation, not forking out 500$ for a single .ttf file

-Figure out how to implement JavaScript time of day background changing code

-Figure out how to implement mouseover code for the sidebar buttons

-Figure out why cursor code in CSS file doesn't work properly

-Work on documenting merch

-Port over offline/local code

-Maybe clean up the CSS sheet, got too much going on in there imo

-Figure out what to do with this section once to do list is cleared out, maybe make it reflect the in-game stats page?