Blog Entry #003, A Small Update

It's been a while since I've updated here. There isn't much for me to update on right now other than I got my hands on some more merch to document and the fact I have finally debound all the Crystal Chronicles manga/comic books. I'll update this blogpost and make it looks somewhat better when I have more time and add images of the merch but for the meantime, I'm going to leave a photo of the debound books.

To do: upload photos of newly obtained merch (Square Enix Cafe hand towel and almost complete coaster set, 2003 trading cards, Yae's cds, Tsutaya demo packaging); debind Japan-only game guides, World Ultimania & the 300+ page light novel

~Site To Do List~

-Modify and add assets

-Figure out the font situation, not forking out 500$ for a single .ttf file

-Figure out how to implement JavaScript time of day background changing code

-Figure out how to implement mouseover code for the sidebar buttons

-Figure out why cursor code in CSS file doesn't work properly

-Work on documenting merch

-Port over offline/local code

-Maybe clean up the CSS sheet, got too much going on in there imo

-Figure out what to do with this section once to do list is cleared out, maybe make it reflect the in-game stats page?