Blog Entry #001, The Beginnings of the Archive

It's finally time for An Actual Blogpost. I finally pulled the trigger on a scanner: an Epson Perfection V39 II. It's not the one I wanted (the Epson Perfection 600), but it should be more than enough for the job. I sure fucking hope it works because FedEx, like the shitty little courier service they are, left it out in front of my door while it was snowing out and the shipping box was soggy when I got to it; I will however give them props for delivering it in under 24 hours. Eventually I plan on upgrading to the Perfection 600, I want to archive everything at the highest possible resolution even if it costs me in terms of storage.

As the blog title states, this is the beginning of archival. Box 1 of 2 of my Crystal Chronicles merch showed up the same day as my scanner, mostly Japan-only guide books. But I also got my hands on some FFCC Remastered goods: another Cafe keychain, some Amazon JP-only postcards, some mini posters that were only available as in-store purchases, and probably the most important; the FFCC piano sheet book and a new-in-box FFCC HORI memory card. Eventually I will be buying secondary copies of the books so I can start the debinding process, I want my own personal copies to keep on my shelf. I am very much not looking forward to buying a second copy of the piano sheet music, just this one copy cost me an arm and a leg (13k yen if I'm remembering correctly), there's a few unsold listings floating around that are going for more than I paid for and they're falling apart and/or yellowing due to age.

While I did receive books and whatnot in the mail, the below images are a current documentation of the things I own (excluding goodies like plushies and keychains):

~Site To Do List~

-Modify and add assets

-Figure out the font situation, not forking out 500$ for a single .ttf file

-Figure out how to implement JavaScript time of day background changing code

-Figure out how to implement mouseover code for the sidebar buttons

-Figure out why cursor code in CSS file doesn't work properly

-Work on documenting merch

-Port over offline/local code

-Maybe clean up the CSS sheet, got too much going on in there imo

-Figure out what to do with this section once to do list is cleared out, maybe make it reflect the in-game stats page?